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[4qd-bannvalley] Pauls recorded in Maghera P C


These are the Pauls that I was able to extract from
Maghera P C.


Maghera Presbyterian Church

Baptisms 1843-1860

May 14, 1844		Margaret Paul was born on the 10 day of
March daughter of Andrew Paul of Mullagh and Jane
Beatty alias Paul. Was baptized by Revd C. Kennedy

16.	Upon the first day of March one thousand eight
hundred and fortysix years Mary Black born on the 1st
August 1845 and daughter of John Black of Knocknakielt
and Elizabeth Jane Paul alias Black, was received into
the Christian Church by Baptism.  Revd Robt
Gray?Officiating minister. Thomas Witherow, minister

32.	Upon the fifth day of July one thousand eight
hundred and forty six years, Joseph Paul born on the
1st of May 1846, and son to Andrew Paul of Mullagh and
Jane Beatty otherwise Paul, was received into the
Christian Church by Baptism.  Thomas Witherow,
181.	6 Apr 1851	Margt Jeanette Paul	27 Dec 1850	David
Paul & Mary Paul		Crew
256. 	12 Feb 1854	Elizabeth Paul		6 Nov 1853	James
Paul & Eliza Grover	Carricknakielt
267.	6 Aug 1854	Hugh Paul		10 Mar 1854	David Paul &
Martha A. Wilson	Carricknakielt
319.	1 Jun 1856	James Paul		15 Apr 1856	David Paul &
Mary Paul
397.	29 Aug 1858	Joshua Wm Paul	1st June 1858	David
Paul & Mary Paul   Crew
398.	29 Aug 1858	Margretta Paul		2nd Apr 1858	David
Paul & Martha Ann Wilson  Carricknakielt
399.	Aug 29 1858	Robert John Paul	4th June 1858	James
Paul & Eliza Glover  Carricknakielt
415.	2 Jan 1859	David James Paul	3 Oct 1858	Robert
Paul & Jane Graham  Culnady

Marriages 1843-1895

1860 Jun 30  	Samuel Paul, Bach, Farmer, 26, Crew,
more than a month, He in parish of Maghera
Elizabeth Boggs, sp, 23, Drumnacannon, more than a
month, Curran Meetinghouse, She in Parish of Tamlaght
Ocrilly.  Both in Co. Derry. Witness my hand this 30th
June 1860  -- Samuel Paul

1895 Apr 4	Thomas Wilson	Trinaltinagh	Annie M. Paul
Carricknakielt, Magherafelt

1895 Apr 11	John Montgomery	Brackagh	Esther Paul
Carricknakielt, Magherafelt


Feb 28, 1943?	Sarah Paul	Carricknakielt		70+  [A note
follows but I can?t read it]

Mar 8, 1943	Sarah Craig Paul	Craigmore?	3 :	accident

5/3/45		Lizzie Paul	Mullagh