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[4qd-bannvalley] RE: 4qd-bannvalley digest, Vol 1 #550

Hi, Colin

I know very little about Mary PEDAN.  We had always thought she was called
PAGAN, until I found her marriage to Stuart STIRRET on the website.  PAGAN
is how her name was transcribed in Scotland -  surprisingly, because I
thought the Scots would interpret her accent more easily than us scousers!  
I think there is a very likely connection between these three sets of
PEDANs.  Elizabeth could be Mary's sister. Do you know where they lived in
Liverpool?  She might be the reason the STIRRETs moved down from Glasgow.
Were they Presbytereans too?


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This list helped me before to locate the marriage of my g-g-grandmother
Elizabeth Peden on Jan 2nd 1868 at Mullamore, Aghadowey. Her father was also
a Robert Pedan.

Coincidentally Elizabeth also went to Liverpool with her husband William
Beattie and presumably died there although we do not have a record of her

Do you know if she is related to Mary Pedan at all?

Colin Harrison