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[4qd-bannvalley] The Scotsman online search

Newspapers are always an interesting source of information, but often
difficult to search.

I've just found that "The Scotsman" has an online search facility for
historical articles 1817-1950. I wondered if there was any Bann Valley
content so I searched under keyword Garvagh for dates 1817-1899. This gave
24 results. These included:

2 Jan 1897 page 10- "The Year's centenarians"
25 Mar 1846 page 4 "The Army"

Looking for the keyword Kilrea over the same date range, there were 28
results and for Aghadowey 4 results.

Unfortunately, the headline displayed, e.g. "Sporting News" or "Ireland"
gives very little clue as to the content of the article, and to view the
article it costs you quite a bit! (The search itself is free).

Many of the Bann Valley families we are all interested in came from
Scotland, and some even migrated backwards and forwards on a seasonal
basis,so I imagine Scottish readers of the 1800s were interested in what
they were up to.

I'll have to see if I can find a way to get access to the full articles,
maybe at the University of Canterbury here in Christchurch.....

John Woods