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[4qd-bannvalley] The Will of Samuel Torrens of Cullycaple.

Hello, Here is the Will of Samuel Torrens of Cullycaple I got some time ago,
Im not sure if there is anyone working on this Torrens Line but I thought
that I should post it onto the Bann Valley List as well as there are other
names that might be of interest to the Bann Valley subscribers.

Torrens Samuel,
Died 16 May 1893.
Amount of Assets,
£578. 10. 5.

In the name of God Amen, I Samuel Torrens of Cullycaple
Parish of Aghadowey, County of Londonderry, Carpenter
and builder make and publish this my last
Will and Testament hereby revoking ? all forms and other
Wills by me at any time made heretofore I leave and
bequeth to my niece Mary Jane McCandless wife of Robert McCandless handing
the sum of Ten pounds stirling (£10) I Leave and bequeth to Annabella
daughter to my brother John Torrens of Craiglea the sum of five pounds
(£5) I Leave and bequeth to the Substentions ?? Fund of Aghadowey
Presbyterian Church the sum of four pounds stirling ((4) I leave and bequeth
to the Presbyterian Orphan Society Ireland the sum of four pounds stirling
(£4). I divise that my
Executors shall as soon as convenient erect a suitable Headstone for
which I leave the sum of eighteen pounds stirling (£18) . I leave and
to my son Hugh Kennedy Torrens all monies standing to my credit in
joint ? Stock and Bank and Savings Bank and any outstanding debts
due to me also my household furniture and every thing else that
I possess outside and inside this house. And I nominate, Constitute
and appoint  Alexander Gilmore Perry of Mullahinch, Parish of Aghadowey,
Farmer and my son Hugh Kennedy Torrens of Cullycapple, Parish of Aghadowey,
Painter as the executors of this my last Will and Testament.In Witness which
I Hereunto set my hand this the thirteenth day of May One Thousand
Eight Hundred and Ninety Three, (13 May 1893) _ Samuel Torrens , Testator
Signed Published and Declared by the Testator as and for his last
Will and Testament in our presence who in his presence at his request
and in the presence of each other have hereto ? subscribed our names as
witnesses all of us being present at the same time.
                                                             John Boyd,
William Wallace.

NOTE;- Some of the writing on this Will is a bit difficult to read, I am not
to sure what the word after Robert McCandless was, It could be a place name,
I thought it was handing, It could be London, It began with either a T or
and L, Just in case  someone working on the McCandless family wonderred
which townland this one was from or it might just be a Occupation that was
Anyhowm I hope this helps.

Best Wishes,