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[4qd-bannvalley] The Will of William Torrens of Craiglea.

Hello again, Here is the Will of William Torrens of Craiglea.Some of the
writing was a bit difficult to read, but I think Ive managed to make out the
most of it.

Torrens William.
Died 26 Jan 1877.
Amount of Assetts.
£138. 5. 8.
                 Last Will and Testament of William Torrens. I William
of Craiglea being  sound of mind and judgement do leave and bequeth
to my Dear Wife Margaret the possition she formerly held during
her natural life and that all the proceeds of the farm shall be
given to her to lay out as the family may reasonably require that
the girls?remain in their mothers till they marry or go out to bussiness to
do for themselves.
I leave to my daughters who remain at home and work for the good of the farm
£50,,0,,0, Fifty pounds, each to be paid at what ever time the executors &
their Mother think most suitable that those of my daughters who go to a
Trial ?? shall recieve thier support and other unreasonable necessaries ??
during their apprenticeship £40,,0,,0 (Forty pounds) each to be paid at
whatever time the executors & their Mother would think most suitable that if
any of the children die before they come of age their share will be equally
divided amongst the others.I leave and bequeth to my son John Henry my farm
and stock
and all farming implements my furniture & all inside effects to be left to
my dear
wife Margaret during her life and to be divided at her decease to the
several members
of the family as she thinks proper . If John Henry die without a Legal Heir
the farm
to pass to the nearest heir on condition that he give to the other members
of my family
and equal share made by two valuators should John Henry die without an Heir
leaving a widow she is to get whatever she brought and £10,,0,,0. (Ten
in addition to be paid out of the valuation of the farm. I nominate and
James Henry,  Blackheath, John Boyd of Crosscandley & James Kennedy of
Ballyclough to be executors of this my last Will and Testament and
devise they may su ? the same confirmed to given under my hand and seal ?
this 4 July 1876 _______ William Torrens ____ signed sealed and acknowledged
and declared to be his last Will and Testament in presence of us who have
signed our names as witnesses therunto.

James Henry
John Boyd.

Best Wishes,