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[4qd-bannvalley] Dunlops of Straidkillen

Hi Charlie,
I saw your message via NALIL but thought I would email you directly. I 
have been helping a lady in B.C. with some research into Dunlops of 
Straidkillen and had vaguely remembered that they had been mentioned by 
another member.When I saw your message today- I remembered that it was 
you. Her great aunt Margaret Stewart Dunlop had married William Woodside 
of Carnsampson. I would be interested in what you have. Do you know 
Margot Grant nee Woodside who still lives at Carnsampson? The lady that 
I been in touch with is called Hazel Sanford-do you know her? I am 
always interested in any info on the Stuarts/ Stewarts as the name keeps 
cropping in my family although they were only farmers and not estate owners.
Hope you can help.                         Many thanks,           
Dorothy Arthur