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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Tamlaght O'Crilly


On the Internet, the most complete listing of Estate Records in the county
that I'm aware of is at Jane Lyons's site. The address is

More complete information on Estate Records is to be found in two guides
published by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland. One is "Guide to
Landed Estate Records" published in 1994. Quite a difficult book to get hold
of. The second one is PRONI's guide to records of the London Companies and
the Irish Society.

I can't help regarding the other two townlands, but Bovedy was owned in the
1830s right up to the time of the Griffith's Valuation by Andrew Orr of
Keely. I'm not sure of the previous owner, but it could have been Andrew's
father James Orr.

Jane Lyons's page mentions two sets of Orr Estate records, i.e.,
Ogilby,Orr 1852-53
Deeds, Wills
Public Records Office Northern Ireland D668/19

Orr 1846-74
Estate accounts
Public Records Office Northern Ireland D3010/3/1-62

The dates are too late for you, but they may give pointers to earlier
records. If anybody reading this knows what is in D668/19 and D3010/3/1-62,
please let us know! Perhaps somebody who visits Belfast from time to time
may have a moment to find out.

John W

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> Pauline,
> Thank you, I look forward to the update. Do you know if any estate
> records exist for the Village of Innishrush (1831) or either of
> townlands of Tivaconavy (1831) or Bovedy (1802)?
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> Cheers,
> Colin Ferguson