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[4qd-bannvalley] RE: Church of Ireland at Kilrea

I have just reconnected with this site and note the addition of the stones 
in the newer churchyard to the list. I did note, however, that there was one 
stone that I had copied in October 2001 that does not appear.

In memory of ELIZABETH HASTY who departed this life 5th Jany 1843 Aged 36 
Also her Husband James Hasty who departed this life 8th July 1848 Aged 48 
years Also their Grandson James Hasty who died 14th May 1937

The stone was in the older, eastern section between the old church ruins and 
the 2 foot drop to the newer section. Perhaps it was among the stones on the 
upper level that Lavonne Bradfield had not had time to include in her 
earlier visit.

-Al Luce