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[4qd-bannvalley] Where is Killygullib?

Richard wrote:
"I draw everyone's attention to the page
http://www.4qd.org/bann/Geography/placenames.html Bann Valley place names.
Lots of time was spent on this: it's not complete, but please use it and
let me know if there are any additions."

Richard, this is exactly what we did use, so much thanks for providing it!!

The problem is that Killygullib does not appear to be marked on the OS
Discoverer Series Map, Sheet 8, Ballymoney, at the grid reference stated =
895089.  A place called "Turner's Town" is marked on my map at this grid
reference.  Luckily I had a scanned copy of the same map, provided by
another regular contributor to this site, which had Killygullib written onto
the map at almost the same spot.  And that is what I sent to Alison.