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[4qd-bannvalley] Where is Killygullib townland?

On 14-May-05, at 5:46 PM, isaac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Alison
> As far as I know, Killygullib is only a couple of miles south of=20
> Kilrea as is Lislea.=A0 When you come from Portglenone north to Kilrea=20=

> you drive through Lislea, and if you drive from Maghera north to=20
> Kilrea you go through Killgullib.
> Hopefully someone from that area will confirm this!
> Isaac

Thank you, Isaac (and to Boyd for his confirmation).  I've been to the=20=

area just once, but your description --together with a look at the=20
map-- makes all the sense in the world.