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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Where is Killygullib townland?

> I draw everyone's attention to the page
> http://www.4qd.org/bann/Geography/placenames.html Bann Valley place names.
> Lots of time was spent on this: it's not complete, but please use it and
> let me know if there are any additions.
> -- 
> Richard Torrens  - torrens@xxxxxxx
> Bann Valley Genealogy site: http://www.4qd.org/bann/
> Torrens genealogy site: http://www.4qd.org/torrens/
> Mailing lists:  http://www.4qd.org/torrens/maillists.html

Thanks for the reminder, Richard ... I am a frequent visitor to your web site, but had forgotten about 
this terrific resource.  Must be Spring Fever ;-).