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[4qd-bannvalley] Where is Killygullib townland?

Can someone tell me the location of Killygullib townland, please? in
particular, its location relative to Lislea townland.

Hi Alison
Killygullib is a glebe townland for Tamlaght O'Crilly and is  about 3.5
miles west of Kilrea on the "main" road to Maghera, and in the Parish of
Tamlaght O'Crilly. Most road maps will show a cross-roads called Moran's
Crossroads which is in Killygullib. The second road of the x-roads leads to
the village of Tamlaght O' Crilly, aka Churchtown. If you wish, I can send a
map of townlands of the area to you as an attachment. Fron memory, Lislea is
in the parish of Kilrea' a few miles from Killygullib.

Billy Scott