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[4qd-bannvalley] Where is Killygullib?

Thanks for the info, Billy.  Perhaps you can explain why Killygullib, by the
sounds of it, a substantial townland, is not marked on the modern Discoverer
OS map.

Oddly enough, the other townland which Alison metioned, Lislea, is where all
my mother's folk, the Gordons hail from, and is a large well populated
townland.  My grandfather's farm, pronounced The Maine, but spelled, The
Meen, is actually marked on the map.

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> "A place called "Turner's Town" is marked on my map at this grid
> reference. "
> Hi Boyd
> Probably no big deal, but Turnerstown is an ancient loose connection of
> about a dozen houses (not even a hamlet) which is indeed within
> which is itself about 1-2 square miles in area and inhabited by a sparse
> population of 100-150 families thro' the 19th century (and not much
> different today!)
> Killygullib is a townland which I have studied in some detail as I grew up
> there, so if anyone has related queries, I might be able to help.
> Billy Scott