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[4qd-bannvalley] Where is Killygullib townland?


A word of caution about the townland maps on the PRONI web site. The Co 
Antrim townland maps by parish incorrectly identify the townland names. (The 
Co Londonderry maps do not display on my PC.) The parish map numbers the 
townland outlines in sequence from the upper left corner while the list of 
townland names numbers the townlands alphabetically. I have found that the 
Family History Center microfiche # 6342438 is a better correlation to the 
townlands on the old OS maps. As an added benefit, I made copies of the maps 
for adjacent parishes and pieced them together to show townlands that were 
adjacent across parish boundaries with occasional interesting results. I 
also found these pieced maps useful when interpreting the results from the 
1901 and 1911 census microfilms, since the census districts were, 
essentially, townlands.

-Al Luce

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>Hello, Billy --
>Thank you for your note ... this is a very helpful explanation, and it is 
>muchly appreciated ;-).
>The question arose because some of our Lislea Kilpatricks married into 
>Killygullib families, and I
>wondered how far from Lislea this other townland, Killygullib, is.  From 
>your description, and referring
>to the PRONI's geographical index at 
>http://www.proni.gov.uk/geogindx/parishes/par249.htm, I see
>that Killygullib is in Tamlaght O'Crilly parish.
>I visited the area for four days a year-and-a-half ago, spending all that 
>time in Kilrea parish.  Looks
>like another trip is warranted, to explore a little farther afield ;-)).