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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Where is Killygullib?

In article <002c01c5593f$8fb5df80$636bdac3@oemcomputer>,
   Boyd Gray <boydgray26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Richard wrote: "I draw everyone's attention to the page
> http://www.4qd.org/bann/Geography/placenames.html Bann Valley place
> names. Lots of time was spent on this: it's not complete, but please use
> it and let me know if there are any additions."

> Richard, this is exactly what we did use, so much thanks for providing
> it!!

> The problem is that Killygullib does not appear to be marked on the OS
> Discoverer Series Map, Sheet 8, Ballymoney, at the grid reference stated
> = 895089.  A place called "Turner's Town" is marked on my map at this
> grid reference.  Luckily I had a scanned copy of the same map, provided
> by another regular contributor to this site, which had Killygullib
> written onto the map at almost the same spot.  And that is what I sent
> to Alison.

> Regards,

> Boyd

Yes, there is a problem when place names go out of common use.

A 3rd series, sheet 2 OS 1" map I have dated 1976 shows it!

How to handle such info on the page?

If anyone has additions to this page, please send them to me (off-list
please). It's quite possible to do a description.historical account on a
separate page and link to it. But I need listers to do the write ups as I
don't have the info!