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[4qd-bannvalley] Meen

On 23-May-05, at 11:55 AM, Norman Parkes wrote:

> Bill,
>  =A0
> That looks like the truth. The=A0modern map shows the area "The Meen"=20=

> lying in a loop with a stream meandering around the loop.
> =A0
> Norman
> Bill Dallas <bdallas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Someone was wondering about the meaning of meen / min etc.
> I have consulted P.W. Joyce's Irish Names of Places (Vol.2) - from=20
> section on Quagmires and Watery Places I quote "The word min (meen)=20
> signifies fine or smooth ....... topographically it is often applied=20=

> to a green spot, comparatively snooth and fertile, producing grass and=20=

> rushes, on the face of a mountain or in the midst of coarse rugged=20
> hilly land ...." =A0Later in the section on size / shape it states =
> word min among other significaions means small, and is occasionally=20
> used in the same manner as beg...."
> Alas, Joyce throws no light on "Shrans"

... and if I recall correctly, the Meen is at the southern/southwestern=20=

foot of what is known as "Burial Hill" (but a.k.a., according to a=20
local historian, "Kilpatrick Hill").  The Orange Hall (formerly the=20
National School) is on the western face of that hill.

All very interesting, sorting out these placenames.