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[4qd-bannvalley] John Black & Jane Bradley

Apologies for oddness of typing; my keyboard is most peculiar today;; I 
have  lost the letter  that comes between i and k!      I don't know 
about the distant history, or what the link is, but it is true that the 
Blacks of Scots origin can claim kinship with the Lamont clan. In the 
early 18th century, an old man Black from Belfast, possibly ohn Black, 
father of the famous oseph Black the chemist, (I've forgotten the 
details) wrote to the laird of Lamont seeking  information about the 
link between their families. The letter was printed in an early volume 
of the Ulster ournal of Archaeology;; I have a copy if anyone wants it. 
There is info about these Belfast, originally I think Broughshane 
Blacks but not much about the link.

Linde Lunney