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[4qd-bannvalley] Old Age Pensions

Here are a few Bann Valley extractions from #0258540
Old Age Pensions, Vol 26:

Claimant - Wm. Hueston, age 70. Father- Wm. Hueston.
Mother - Sydney M'Kenna.  Townland - Killymuck. 
Family not found in 1851 Census.

Claimant - Peggy Jane Smith.  Father - John Smith,
Mother - Matty Torrens. Townland - Drumaine.  Family
found bu no daughter P.G. in 1851 Census.

Claimant - Thomas McCaughey, aged 71 2/12.  Father -
Wm. McCaughey, mother - Mary McCaughey.  Townland -
Killymuck. Family found in 1851 Census - [hard to read
the data as it was in the crease.]

Claimant - Thomasina Atkinson, aged 70.  Father -
Stewart Atkinson. Mother - Letitia Maxwell. Townland -
Lismoyle.  Family found in 1851 Census.  Thomasina - 7
yrs old. Parents married in 1835.

Claimant - Margaret McCaughey, aged 70.  Father- John
McCaughey.  Mother Eliza Miller.  Townland -
Killymuck.  Family found in 1851 Census.  Parents
married in 1834.  Peggy - age 6.

Claimant - Elizabeth Bolton, aged 70.  Father William
Bolton. Mother- Jane Atkinson.  Townland - Lismoyle. 
NB - In 1851 Claimant was living with her gr father
Wm. Bolton in Lismoyle. Family found in 1851 Census -
gr daughter Elizabeth - age 6 yrs.

Claimant - Alexander Hogg, aged 85.  Father - John
Hogg.  Mother - Mary Ann Toy.  Townland - Gortin
Coolhill.  Family not found on 1851 Census.

Claimant - Nancy Pattan, aged 71.  Father - Henry
McShane.  Mother - Betty Nelson.  Townland -
Killygullib.  Family found in 1841 Census. Parents
married in 1831.  1851 Census - Nancy 5 yrs old. 
Parents married in 1832.

I believe all of the above came from 1908 forms
although I could not find a date.  The end of the film
was clearly marked 1909.  I will check this out again
this week.

Hope these are of interest to someone.  For an
explanation on the Old Age Pension Claims read
Lavonne's note at


Barbara Braswell