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John Mitchel

Dick Toye is most likely one of my relations. I would be interested in
any information you might have regarding him. My information on the
Toyes is predominently from 1750 to 1900 and centering in the Garva,
Movenis, and Moneydig areas. Toyes in the Mullaghmore area is new
information to me.

Doug Toye

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Linda Gilmore in Garvagh, who sometimes monitors these messages, has a
good personal collection of Aghadowey Dempseys material, suggest a
direct contact with her.

My father went to the old Droghed school in the 20's & 30's with Dick
Toye of the Mullaghmore area. There was quite a family of Toye's there
at that time. Dick subsequently moved to the Niagara Falls area and has
large family there I believe.

Hope it helps,
John Mitchel