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[4qd-bannvalley] McCausland, Kilrea

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Registration District:  Daventry    Sub-district of Weedon    County of

Twenty second February 1853, at Weedon Barracks.  Collingwood Royal
McCAUSLAND, aged 26 years.  Private in the 77th Regiment of Infantry.

Cause of death  Phthisis Pulmonanlia    19 days      Informant:  John Park,
In attendance, Weedon Barracks

Baptisms in the Presbyterian congregation of Kilrea First Presbyterian
Church from the seventeenth day of April 1825. 

Collingwood Royal son of Robert McAughard? and Mary Patterson of Moyagney
born 2nd October & baptized this 23rd Inst. 1826. By Wm. Cuthbertson of
Cullybackey in Co.Antrim 

The surname is definitely McCAUSLAND.  Collingwood Royal McCausland is my
2nd great grand uncle.

Patricia McGufficke, NSW, Australia

PS  would anyone know anything about the 77th Regiment?