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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: St. Guaire, Aghadowey Parish Church

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Thanks Troy<br>
How amazing though, that my great great grandfather John McNeill b 1795
(son of Daniel and Betty) married a Sarah <b>Roxburgh</b>, his sister
Betty married a James <b>Roseberry</b>, and his brother Daniel married
a Molly <b>Roseberry</b>.<br>
My great grandfather Richard has Roxburgh as his middle name.<br>
John McNeill was noted by my father to have "<i>lived 18 years in
Crevalea, (one of the Aghadowey townlands) and landed in <b>Boston
Mass. on 6th June 1852</b>. He personally knew Archibald Campbell and
was married in John Brown's Presbyterian Church, Aghadowey</i>"<br>
I have so far <b>not managed to trace him</b> or any of his family in
the USA, though I have (I think) all of my Scottish relatives. Richard
Roxburgh McNeill married a Sarah Brisbane and moved to Lanark to the
Coal fields in 1851.<br>