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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: St. Guaire, Aghadowey Parish Church

Hi Judy
This is super-help, and really fantastic - what a breakthrough =-O :-) !
It is him I am sure - all the names you note fit, even the Nancy 
Burnside (nee McNeil) whose husband should be a William Burnside - if my 
father got it right.
Where did you find it, please let me know. I am only missing Sarah and  
Martha McNeil. I had heard that there was a Mary E McNeil born in 
Massachussetts too, so the Mary you mention may have been married to 
William (although she was a McNeill in her own right too). It seems John 
and Sarah must have had 11 or maybe 12 children all told.
I think "young John" went to Quebec?
I don't have any Black or Bradley connections, but don't you think it is 
amazing how these Bann Valley names keep popping up all over the world! 
I think generations of shifting back and fore between Scotland and 
Ireland fitted them to be ideal emigrants.
Please let me know where you are, and also how to find more of this 
information :-D