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[4qd-bannvalley] Semple

Could be, could be....I have a Mary and Elizabeth in
my line and I believe the dates line up. I know that
at one point Mary came to the United States but she
apparently went back to Ireland at some point because
she disappears from the census records. Here's the
inscription on the marker at St. Guiare's:

Erected to the memory of Hugh Semple, late of
Killykergan, who died 11 July 1888, aged 84 years
also his wife, Sarah Jane (White), died 21 March 1894,
aged 81 years
and their children
Mary A., died 25 June 1913, aged 78 years (born ca.
James, died 23 February 1925, aged 72 years (born ca.
Thomas Semple, died 22 February 1932, aged 85 years
(born ca. 1847)
Elizabeth Semple, dies 08 March 1933, aged 84 years
(born ca. 1849)

Hugh and Sarah are my great-great grandparents. Their
son William (my great-grandfather) was born in July
1848 and emigrated to the U.S. around 1864

Troy Semple