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[4qd-bannvalley] Which Cemetery

Hi Barbara

I have the following in my family:
John Stewart b c1819 in Gortfad, d 6 March 1908 in Garvagh
m Martha Campbell b c1828 in Ringrash, d 17 July 1905 in Gortfad, m 5 
January 1847 in 2nd Dunboe Pres. Church.
Son John b c1855 in Gortfad, d 16 Nov 1935 in Gortfad.

I visited Garvagh a couple of years ago, and wrote down the details of all 
Stewart headstones in the Main St Presb. churchyard, and I didn't find the 
details you gave.

Hope this helps
Beryl Young

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> Does someone know in which cemetery the following
> stone is found?  I had thought it was Boveedy but
> since it doesn't appear on the BV site I am no longer
> sure.  The other choices would be Garvagh or Kilrea, I
> suspect.
> John Stewart, Killymuck
> in memory of his Mother
> Martha Stewart
> who died 13th January, 1914
> Aged 93 Years
> And his Wife Elizabeth Stewart
> who died 10th November, 1924
> Aged 62 Years
> The above Named
> John Stewart
> Died 27th March 1925
> Aged 88 Years
> There is a long low wall in the background of the
> photo looking out on a meadow.
> Thanks!!!!
> Barbara Braswell