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[4qd-bannvalley] Communicants' Roll Books


This is the answer I received from Rev. Edward Andrews
on the Scotch-Irish list.

"The general age of people joining the Church - being
confirmed, is much older than other traditions.  The
youngest would be in late teens.  Given that there was
not a particularly high regard for the importance of
the sacraments in the Irish tradition of
Presbyterianism, there was no rush to get to
Communion.  It was only that many Kirk Sessions
required people to be members for their children to be
baptised which brought people also to the table."

Hope this helps.

Barbara Braswell

--- Boyd Gray <boydgray26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> What wouldn't I give for just a couple of 19th
> century censuses?!  Just to
> sort out which of my Grays was which in the parish
> of Macosquin.  But I
> suppose that would make it all too easy.  For want
> of the occasional census
> therefore, I am trying to use the Communicants' Roll
> Books which, in this
> case, cover the period from 1867 to 1909 in four
> seperate rolls.  Trouble
> is, all my ancestors seem to be called James!  I
> wonder could anyone help me
> by telling me at what age a child was eligible to
> take communion in the
> Presbyterian church in the second half of the
> nineteenth century.  That
> might help me a little to distinguish one James from
> another.