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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: 4qd-bannvalley digest, Vol 1 #614 - 2 msgs Re Alexander Torrens connections

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Hi there. My name is F.Miriam Lehmann Great Great Grandaughter of 
Alexander Torrens born in County Derry in 1796.  Alexander was married 
to Margaret Campbell  (Gamble?)  Their son William born 1825 was my 
Great Grandfather.
There are a few Alexander Torrens in my family tree and I'm interested 
in connections to other families, perhaps in the Bann Valley area.

We have a lot of information about Alexanders descendants painstakingly 
gathered by one of my cousins and  /would like tom investigate his 
forbears if possin\ble.

Anyone out there with some info.?
 Thankyou.   Miriam Lehmann
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>   1. Re joining Bann Valley Mailing List (Caroll Mitchell)
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>Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2005 08:30:53 +1000
>From: Caroll Mitchell <cazam@xxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] Re joining Bann Valley Mailing List
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>I would like to be put on the mailing list please
>F Miriam Lehmann
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>From: "Derek Torrens" <derek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 22:05:17 -0000
>Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] Re Alexander Torrens connections.
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>Hello Miriam, I assume you are new to this List ??  Have you tried posting 
>to the Torrens List ?? Its at 4qd-torrens@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Im interested 
>in knowing more about your Alexander Torrens, I may be able to help as I 
>live in Northern Ireland not far from the Bann Valley and I have quite a 
>large Torrens Database to work on, Do you know who Alexander T married etc 
>Best Wishes,