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[4qd-bannvalley] McKAY and CAMPBELL, Lislea townland, Kilrea parish

There were apparently 2 McKay family groups around Kilrea
who were, I believe, not related. One group were the Lislea etc
families and the others lived near the Bann Bridge somewhere
around where Portneal Lodge is today but on the other side of
the river.
My connection is to the family of Neil (Neilly) & Jane McKay of
The Isle but I suspect that there were a number of brothers of
Neal who might well include Alison's  John. They were all born
late 1700s to early 1800s.  I can't prove anything at this stage
but am building up a very complex listing of McKay families.
Incidently there was another Neilly & Jane who were producing
children at the same time. He was, I believe, the Sexton at C of
I & they lived in Kilrea. They all use the same first names so I
suspect they were related.
The McKays were Church of Ireland. At one stage of the 400
(not sure if it was families or people) attending C of I, 200 of
them were McKays. So there is a very complex web there.

Campbells are just as complicated. I'm not sorting them out but
one of my Irwins married a Campbell. James Campbell son of
Archibald of Moynock married Jane Irwin 1858.

Pauline O'K