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[4qd-bannvalley] Bann Valley

Can anyone out there tell me in miles how far it might be from Garvagh to
Kilrea, Garvagh to Maghera and Garvagh to the Castledawson area.  My
ancestors came from those areas and I have no idea how far about they would
be in American miles.  I would really appreciate someone letting me know.

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Hello Richard,
Craigall is different from Craiglea, which is aka Craiglea Glebe;
it's up nearer Macosquin, north of the td of Ballynacally Beg. I
think Craigala is maybe the same as Craigall, but I wouldn't swear to
it. Craigall is from an Irish word meaning "rock" so Craigall Rocks
is really tautology.


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