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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Craigall Craigala and Craiglea

In article <D7BFB2B1-8505-4D6B-AE4D-B9DDC387A416@xxxxxxxxxx>,
   Lunney Family <family@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Richard,
> Craigall is different from Craiglea, which is aka Craiglea Glebe;  
> it's up nearer Macosquin, north of the td of Ballynacally Beg. I  
> think Craigala is maybe the same as Craigall, but I wouldn't swear to  
> it. Craigall is from an Irish word meaning "rock" so Craigall Rocks  
> is really tautology.

> Linde

Got it: Craiglea Glebe at map ref C 843 232

5kM to the west there are mountains: loads of CraigSomethings there:
without looking too hard!

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