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[4qd-bannvalley] Calderwoods

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Hi listers
I am having a great deal of trouble finding my relatives buried in =
Rasharkin Ireland Antrim=20
I have tried through my family and theyare very vague as they immigrated =
to Australia,hence my dilemma

I know of Mathew Henry Calderwood who was married twicehad children =
Samuel,Mathew,Eliza,Ellen maybe more
4 boys and 4 girls
He then married Sarah Jane Steele and had=20
Sarah Calderwood,Maisie Calderwood, and David Calderwood.
Sarah Calderwood married Robert Irvine Keith in England and immigrated =
to Australia 1965.

I know of Mathew Henry Calderwood and Sarah Jane are buried in Rasharkin =
Cemetary,plus other family members=20
If any body on the list could help me I would be very greatful for any =

Regards Ngaretta Sribar
Adelaide Sth Australia