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[4qd-bannvalley] Craigall Craigala and Craiglea

Thanks Linde for noticing the emigrant Samuel Morrill who went to Glasgow in 
1833.I had already identified him but I doubt if he is my direct ancestor. 
He was almost certainly a member of the same family who seemed to arrive in 
the Desertoghill area about 1795. My ancestor most probably emigrated to 
Scotland about the height of the famine in 1845 and may have known the other 
Samuel. Unfortunately almost all the male members of the family around that 
time were called Samuel!
 David Morrell.
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> Odd how coincidences work; this very day I noticed that there was a 
> Samuel Morrill in the list of emigrants in 1833 from Desertoghil;  said to 
> be from Coolyman. Went to Glasgow. Is this your ancestor or a  relative?
> Linde Lunney
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