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[4qd-bannvalley] Brewsters--for Boyd Gray

Hi Linde,

You are correct.  I am fairly certain that my Dromore Brewsters originally
came from Glenhall, where most of the other Brewsters lived, but I have
never found a definite link.  I would be delighted to have the details of
Mary Brewster's family.  May I ask where you found these details?  Mary is a
very important Dromore Brewster name so there could well be a connection.

You may also be interested to know that I finally solved my main quest, the
hunt for the Boyd link, with the help of Barbara Braswell of Snyder Texas.
She found that a Mary Boyd was married to my great great grandfather, Robert
Brewster in 1836.  This information turned up in the OAP Census Enquiries as
held on film by her local FHC.

Hope you and yours are all well.



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> Boyd, are you interested in Brewsters of Glenhall, co. Derry?
> Presumably that is close enough to be possible relatives?
> Anyway in 1783 Mary dau. of Andrew Brewster of Glenhall married
> Samuel Dinsmore of Ballywattick, near Ballymoney; don't quite see how
> tthey would have met, but anyhow. I have details of their children if
> you want them; let me know.
> Linde Lunney