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[4qd-bannvalley] Craigall Craigala and Craiglea

Yes, I believe the Morels were originally Huguenot. I have some information 
about a Samuel (that name again) who lived south of Limavady about 1700 and 
a family, probably descended from him, who farmed flax and made linen in 
that area for several generations. They were Murrells. The Desertoghill 
branch appears in 1796 and shares Christian names with those from Balteagh 
but I cannot prove the connection. Earlier connections with Pastor Francois 
de Morel, who corresponded with Catherine de Medici, or Pastor Morel, who 
was preacher at the massacre of Vassy, are possible and most exciting but 
even less provable.
I was interested to hear that there are still Morells in Garvagh. I have 
compiled a list from the telephone directory and it is quite short. Many 
thanks for your interest.  David.
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> Yes, undoubtedly the same family; it's no distance between Culnaman  and 
> Craigall; two or three miles. Samuel is a great Morell name; even  present 
> day Morells in Garvagh use it I believe. It's even possible  it was the 
> same man, I suppose; certainly a generation later in the  1860s, people 
> came and went to Scotland; there were steam boats  regularly from Derry 
> and even from Portrush. There is a strong  tradition of migrant and even 
> seasonal movements back and forth;  certainly from Donegal that is well 
> known, and it may hav happened  from Derry as well. My great great aunt's 
> husband is listed in the  church record in Moneydig as an engine driver 
> from Glasgow when he  was back in NI to marry; they lived in Glasgow for 
> some time, but she  came back to Culnaman as an elderly woman.
> Are the Morells originally Huguenot?
> Linde
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