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[4qd-bannvalley] Brewsters--for Boyd Gray

Hi Linde,

Thank you very much for sending me the info.  As you imply, the newspaper
article is a little confusing and I will have to study it more closely to
see if I can determine what it is actually saying.  I notice there is
another Mary Brewster mentioned in it.  I already have this birth from the
Andrew Brewster <1733> Glenhall, , Londonderry, Ireland
Mrs. Brewster  <1737> Glenhall, ,  Londonderry, Ireland
Mary Brewster    About 1761 Glenhall, , Londonderry, Ireland.
It looks very much as if it might be this Mary Brewster who married Samuel
Dinsmore of Ballywattick.  It is also possible that she is a sister of my
great great grandfather, Unknown Brewster, of Dromore, who also had a
daughter, Mary Brewster, born in 1797, thus making Unknown Brewster born
circa 1767.  Unfortunately, as I said, I have never been able to find a
definite link between my Dromore Brewsters and the Glenhall Brewsters but I
believe there must be a connection as there were lots of Brewsters in
Glenhall, but only my family in Dromore.  Oddly enough, my Grays definitely
moved from Glenhall, this time to Cullyvenney, which is "fornainst" Dromore.

I notice that you received this info from Norman Parkes.  Norman's name was
familiar to me so I checked it out using the search feature of my OE and
came up with some emails he has sent to the BV List.  One involves matching
the GV with its associated maps.  As it happens, I have a problem with the
Brewsters in Dromore and their appearance in the GV which has puzzled me for
years - an apparent mistake in the GV.  I have decided to write to Norman to
try to enlist his aid to solve this puzzle.  I was wondering if you have
some expertise in the GV and if I might send the same puzzle to you.  You
might find it of academic interest.  Incidentally, what is the NALIL List
which Norman has founded?

Best wishes,


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> Hello Boyd,
> Norman Parkes, founder of the NALIL list and site, knew that I am
> interested in Dinsmores (though I am  not closely related to them)
> and he gave me a xerox of a Dinsmore family history which is in
> PRONI. It is a cutting from an untitled NI newspaper dated 28 March
> 1925. It says
> "Samuel Dinsmore a farmer on the old homestead at Ballywattick, son
> of Robert, married in 1783, Mary daughter of Andrew Brewster of
> Glenhall, co. Derry. He died 13 November 1829. He was a large, tall,
> strong-limbed farmer. His daughter Margaret b. 1789 married Archibald
> McIlreavy, who removed from Ballywattick to Portstewart. Their
> daughter Rachel McIlreavy married Mr Reid of Cromore. Their son
> Daniel a carpenter who emigrated in 1826 to Australia was the author
> of a song about the Fishing Disaster at Portrush, see no. 27 Songs of
> the People. ...A daughter Mary married Samuel Johnson, merchant,
> Bushmills. Another daughter Rachel, b. 1806, married James McAfee,
> born near Giant's Causeway, who emigrated." Not quite clear which of
> these are Dinsmores and which McIlreaveys; Rachel and Mary are maybe
> Dinsmores?
> The newspaper doesn't say so, but I expect this McAfee was from
> Currysiskin; Currysiskin McAfees married into many n.Antrim families.
> It goes on to say that the Dinsmores married into
> Small of Knowend, co. Antrim [Knowehead??], Pinkerton, McKean, Bell,
> Boyd of Culbrin, Neill and Tomb of Druckendult, Hay of Burnside,
> Hunter of Secon (weavers of fine linen), McKinley of Stroan, Dervock,
> Henry of Upper Secon, and many others.
> I hope you can make something of this
> Linde
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