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[4qd-bannvalley] Rogers family

I am hoping that someone might be able to add to the information that I have 
been able to find so far about my Bann Valley ancestors.  The families I am 
interested in are Rogers, Hunter, Shirley and Pinkerton.  Here is the 
information that I curently have recorded on my family tree:

My Great Great Grandparents:  James Rogers and Annie Hunter:
1. 	James ROGERS - Born 1819 in Rhee, Londonderry, Ireland.  Occupations 
listed as Miner at Sandhurst (Bendigo) in 1865 and as Farmer in 1877. Died 
at Bendigo 6 April 1897 aged 80 Buried at Quarry Hill Cemetery, Bendigo
2. 	Annie HUNTER - Born 1831 in County Londonderry, Ireland, Died at Bendigo 
23 September 1908 aged 78 years. Buried with James
?	Married August 13th 1850 in Garvagh, County Londonderry, Ireland- Migrated 
to Australia in 1852 First to Sydney then to Sandhurst (Bendigo)
?	Children: James - born 25 June 1854 in Sydney, Thomas - born 14 June 1861 
at Bendigo, died 1947 at Bendigo George Hunter - born 13 April 1865 and 
Robert John - born 4 August 1868 (details of marriage and children recorded 
in a family bible in my possession)

James and Annie's parents, my great great great grandparents were:-
1.	Thomas ROGERS - Born late 18th Century in Coleraine district, County 
Derry, Ireland, Occupation listed as Farmer (on his son James death 
registration;) Possibly flax grower and weaver. Small land holder ? 14 acres 
at Agahdowey. Thomas married -
2.	Nancy SHIRLEY: Born about 1795 in Coleraine district, County Derry, 
Ireland.  Member of Shirley family that had a number of small land holdings 
in Rhee (or Ree) Townland near Coleraine.  The Shirleys were Presbyterians 
of English stock who arrived in Ireland somewhere around 1600. The family 
occupations were usually farmers or weavers (flax).
?	Married probably around 1815
?	Children: James born 1819 and Robert (possibly others?)

3.	George HUNTER Born ? Coleraine, Ireland - Occupation - Farmer.  George 
married -
4.	 (unknown first name) PINKERTON
?	The Hunters had at least two daughters ? Annie who married James Rogers 
and Margaret who married Robert Rogers.  (The details that I have for the 
parents are from Annie's death registration.  Margaret and Robert's marriage 
is recorded on the Agahdowey Presbyterian Church marriages list on the Bann 
Valley site - thanks for that information!)

James Rogers is the 'founding father' of our lot of Rogers in Australia and 
there is now quite a clan of us - although mostly not now with the surname 
Rogers - most of James four sons seem to have had daughters! I am the 6th 
"James Rogers" - following the family tradition of naming the oldest son 

Any additional information would be most welcome. Also, if anyone is looking 
for further descendants of any of these folk, I am happy to provide the 
information that I have.