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[4qd-bannvalley] Craigall

Because the Townlands of Craigall & Drumsaragah border each other,  I had 
thought the same thing.  Only recently after contact with a Johnston 
descendant of the other family, did I figure out that his Johnstons in 
Craigall are different to my Johnstons in Drumsaragh.

James Johnston (1826) in Drumsara first married Sarah Margaret Church & then 
Mary Torrens.

There was another James Johnston in Craigall (b.c 1820; d.1886 & married 
Margaret Jane Taylor), whose daughter Hessie married a Torrens (Derek has 
recorded the marriage on Richards site).  James was the son of Robert & had 
a brother Thomas (b.c 1825). Many of James's family are still in Northern 
Ireland although some went to the USA.  All of Thomas's family came to NZ 
though one later went on to USA.

On the 1901 Census in the townland of Craigall,  Hessie's father James has 
already died.  The Head of the household is Margaret J Johnston age 50 
widow.  Family are Essy [sic] age 30,  Martha 28,  Thomas 24,  James 22, 
Mary 20,  Sarah Anne? 16.

Peter Moyes

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> Am I right or wrong that one of the Johnstons from Drumsaragh (Tamlaght 
> O'Crilly) moved to Craigall in latter part of 19th century?  Seems someone 
> said that, but am not certain.
> Tom Moffatt