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[4qd-bannvalley] Sewright/McCullough in Ballymacombs and Ballynease

I'm new to this list, though not new to researching my ancestors.  I was wondering if anyone has any links to the Sewright/Seawright/Searight families at Ballymacombs (not the John Seawright line--I know that group went to Australia).  My Sewright line is Andrew Sewright, b. 1813 at Ballymacombs (townland-next to Bellaghy); his father is supposedly another Andrew, b. 1738, Seawright's Hill, Ballymacombs, and d. 1739.  I have lots of documentation on Andrew the younger in America where he settled in Wisconsin, but only one document from No. Ireland that I'm sure belongs to this family.

Andrew the elder married Hannah McCullough, daughter of Col. John McCullough of Scots descent and of the English army.  Col. John owned a couple of hundred acres of land in Co. Derry.  I have zero information on Hannah, no birth date or death date, nor marriage date, and zero information on her father.

How would one go about finding the regiment of someone from that area and the time period--possibly mid to late 1700s?

Andrew b. 1738 may have been in the army as well, as he may be the Andrew who witnessed a will from 1758 where he was listed as a yeoman.  His son, Andrew b. 1813 was also supposedly in the English army--again no clue as to how to find out about his service.

Andrew b. 1813, married Mary McCullick/McCullough/MacCulloch, who was born in Edinburgh but I have no confirming information on her line.  I think her family also lived in Ballymacombs/Ballynease, and I have one snippet of info that her father was Capt. George McCullough--again no confirming information. (She may have been something like a third counsin to Andrew the younger, since his mother was a McCullough).

I hope to make a trip to PRONI later this year (I live in Washington State) to look at the landlord's records--Conolly Estate papers--and the records from the Presbyterian Church in Bellaghy, which is where several folks from the area attended.

Thanks for any help/insight others can offer! (Has anyone else from the Bann Valley with ancestors living on Vintner's Co. land looked at the Conolly Estate papers?)

~Linda Sewright