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[4qd-bannvalley] Henry Quigg

Hello Linde-very many thanks for your reply-the information sent is a
complete surprise to me-but something else to follow through!

Until I can locate William John's birth  1855 in Belfast-I don't know who
his mother was.

No one has ever mentioned that Henry was a Rev.

Regards Judy nee Quigg.

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The Coleraine Chronicle book of BMDs from 1844-69 lists the death in
1855 at her residence Newtown Georgia Bethia Elizabeth wife of the
rev. Henry Quigg formerly of Bovagh in this county (Londonderry).
Dau. of late Wm Moffat Chester SCa and gdd of rev Dr John Hemphill

Are these yours?

Linde Lunney

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