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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Nelson/Neilson from Garvagh-Gortnamoyagh

In article <E1F7OEz-0003wa-00@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Anne <apricot@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, we (a second cousin in Scotland, and myself in the USA) just found
> your website and I am amazed at the extensive work put into listing such
> wonderful data.  Thank you for all your efforts to give us lost
> searchers a small hook to dig out the bricks from the wall. 

The data there is the fruit of many people's efforts.

I (as list owner) did the easy bit - organising it.

I am still open to more input, if anyone else wants to cooperate.

Complete transcriptions are easier to cope with than are selective
extracts, but there is no reason why I cannot host family data - as I do
for my own family data at http://www.4qd.org/torrens/index.html

Depends if anyone has family data which is particularly relevant to the
Bann valley?