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[4qd-bannvalley] Morrells/ Torrens/Jacksons/Semple.

Derek, Many thanks for the Morrell data some of which is familiar to me but 
also adds to my detail about them. I will take some time to fit my records 
with the new information. Are you aware that the Murrells appear to have 
originated in the Roe Valley (Parish of Balteagh) where there are also many 
Torrens graves ? My main concern has long been to explain why they suddenly 
appear at Desertoghill about 1790.My ancestor left Killymuck (I believe the 
one near Kilrea) about 1845, for Scotland.
     I will certainly let you know if the pieces begin to fit together ! 
Thanks again, David Morrell.
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> Hello, As I mentioned on my previous email about the results of my search 
> of
> the Old Age Pension Website, I thought I should post some of them as it
> seems that There are a lot of Morrells connected to me.
> I had searched for the pension Claiments of Jane Jackson. The result 
> read;-
> NAME;- Jane Jackson, nee
> FATHER;- John Morrell
> MOTHER;- Nancy Morrell
> TOWNLAND;- Moneydig
> PARISH;- Desertoghill.
> BARONY;- Coleraine
> COUNTY;- Londonderry
> 1841 Census;- Fd.
> 1851 Census;- Fd.
> OBSERVATIONS;- 1841 Family found, parents married 1840, Jane not on form.
> 1851  Jane 9yrs.
> So this Jane MORRELL married Mathew JACKSON of Garvagh as I have a few
> Baptisms;-
> Mary Ann JACKSON, (born 22 Feb 1869) Garvagh, Daughter of Mathew JACKSON 
> and Jane MORRELL, also George Alexander JACKSON, Born (11 July 1871) 
> Garvagh,
> Son of above.
> It is quite possible that Mathew JACKSON was a brother to my G,Great
> Grandfather James JACKSON who was a baker in Garvagh.
> Mathew seems to be a popular Christian name on my JACKSONS, and they too
> like the MORRELLS all born about the early 1800s and hard to trace as to 
> who
> is who.
> I also have a William JACKSON (19 Nov 1811) Widower, Married (8 Apr 1858
> Moneydig Pres) to Peggy Jane MORRELL, Moneydig, Her father was Deceased at
> the time of Marraige.
> William would of been a full cousin to my James Jackson.
> I also had searched the website for a "TORRENS" when a Mary MORRELL showed
> up, I sent for her Claiment form also which was;-
> Mary MORRELL, daughter of William SEMPLE and Mary TORRENS of Moneydig.
> Claiment was 70 years old.
> She was 12 years old in 1851 Census.
> She would be the same Mary SEMPLE who married in Moneydig in 1857 to 
> Alexander MORRELL, son of John Morrell, Moneydig.
> It would have been her sister Elizabeth SEMPLE who married in Moneydig in 
> 1864 to Thomas TORRENS, son of Smith T of Moneydig.
> Ironically their daughter Elizabeth TORRENS married in Moneydig in 1881 to 
> John MORRELL of Moneydig , son of John . Possibly her cousin.
> Do you know Ive had to type out this email a few times as I kept getting 
> confused, so now I understand very well if you readers get confused 
> reading it !!
> I have a Mary Torrens who married in (1836 1st Garvagh Pres) to a James
> Morrell,
> Also a Agnes Torrens Married (1837 1st Garvagh Pres) to a Samuel Morrell.
> Ive been meaning to reply to List member David Morrell and others 
> researching the Morrell family for some time. So if any of you are 
> interested in any of the famillies mentioned above please feel free to 
> contact me, As I would dearly love to sort all these famillies out if at 
> all possible, and that I dont loose my Sanity beforehand !!
> Best Wishes,
> Derek.
> derek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx