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[4qd-bannvalley] Re Morrells/Torrens


I think there are photos of those Morrells in the
Fairy Thorn book.


--- Derek Torrens <derek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello David, Many thanks for the additional
> information. Thats interesting 
> about the John Morrell who was the son of John and
> Margaret (Torrens) 
> Morrell, as well as the Peggy Jane Morrell who
> married William Jackson in 
> 1858 as their daughter.
> I must look over my Torrens notes again to see where
> this Margaret Torrens 
> who married the John Morrell fits in.
> It is also interesting about the Margaret Jackson
> living with Elizabeth 
> Morrell in the 1901 Census. Ive looked over the 1901
> Census years ago , but 
> I seemed to have missed out on that one.
> Im sorry I dont have much knowledge on that other
> Torrens family you 
> mentioned in the Roe Valley area. But it is
> interesting to know for future 
> reference what you mentioned that there was quite a
> few graves of Torrens at 
> Balteagh. Must investigate that some time.
> I have an update of the children of the Elizabeth
> Torrens who married the 
> John Morrell in 1864. Although there would only be
> their children and I dont 
> think there were any Grandchildren as none of them
> got married that I know 
> of.
> Did you know that there were two sets of Morrells
> living at Moneydig and 
> they didnt speak ??
> There was one story that an Alec Hogg was thatching
> a roof on one of the 
> Morrell holdings when the other Morrell approached
> carrying a "Bull Hook" or 
> "Slasher", and off course in the heat of an
> arguement in which the two 
> Morrells were having, one of them started chopping
> at the ladder of which Mr 
> Hogg was using.
> To his Horror Alec Hogg decided to slide down off
> the roof on the opposite 
> side and ran all the way home to Caheny in no desire
> whatsoever to return 
> well until things calmed down between these Morrells
> !!
> One of these Morrells ran the Post Office in
> Moneydig, and when one of them 
> was deliverring the post to the other Morrell House,
> he took extra care, 
> especially when if the door of the house was open ,
> the Postman would have 
> just had to try and throw the mail in the door
> rather than meet the occupant 
> at the door.
> Thats just how much rivalry that went on between
> these two famillies.
> All this would have been in the early 1900s.
> Best Wishes,
> Derek.