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[4qd-bannvalley] Allotment of glebes in barony of Loughinsholin [c.1624]

Hi all-

Just back from a week long internment at the Family
History Library in Salt Lake - first class operation -
very very impressive!

I am now trying to sort through my finds!  

One source that another researcher had told me about
was a book entitled "The Bishopric of Derry and the
Irish Society of London 1602-1705".  It contains
manuscripts and records which dealt with The Foyle
fishery case of 1945-48 in the High Court of Dublin -
basically over the the title to the fishing rights in
the Foyle -legally disputed for centuries.  To present
the case involved drawing on early records of the
diocese of Derry  to other property owners in the
diocese - voluminous manuscript files now called the
Ellis manuscripts.  The most important of these
disputes - that with the Irish Society - related to
fishing rights in the Foyle and Bann rivers and to the
parcels of land in the neighbourhood of Derry City but
(and I quote) "taken together they illustrate in
unusual detail the administration, civil and
ecclesiastical, the economic and social life of the
Foyle-Bann region."

I found the book fascinating because it concentrates
on areas where my Stewarts and Lowrys lived (the Bann
and the Foyle) Mostly relying on the indexes - places,
people, and even subjects - I found one letter dealing
with allotment of glebes in the barony of
Loughinsholin [c.1624]  It is labeled Ellis MS number
41.  It mentioned the glebe that my Stewarts were in
in Tamlaght O'Crilly - Killymuck!  

Knowing that others on this list have the same
confusion over glebe lands I thought I would copy the
chart of the glebes in this barony to the BV list. It
is in 3 columns. Hope you can read it.

Allotment of glebes in barony of Loughinsholin

Glebes to be allotted to the several parishes in the
barony of Loughinisholin in the diocese of Dery.

    Incumbents               Parishes                 

Robert Hogg, clerk       To Kilreagh, wherin(with     
  3/4 of Killemuck 
                                    6 balliboes of
grangeland)     lying in the parish 
                                    are contained 13
balliboes     of Tawlaught O

                                    To Disert Martin,
wherein      1 balliboe called
                                    are balliboes 21  
                  Drom'ore lying in
                           the parish of Dis
                           ert Martin and 
                           1/4 of Killemuck
                           lying in theparish
                           of Tawlaught O

William Tegart, Clerk   To Termonany alias            
   1/2 of Gortenure 
containing          lying inKillalaughy
                                    5 balliboes.      

                                    To Killcronohan
con              1 balliboe called
                                    taining 19
balliboes              Dromfawne lyingin
                         the parish of Kill-

Gilbert Sutton, Clerk   To Ballineskrene con-         
  1 balliboe called 
                                   taining 28
balliboes              Banharan [?Don-   
                        arnon] lying in the 
                        parish of          
                        Ballineskrene and
                        1/2 and 1/8 of a
                        town called Drom-
                        nenahin in the par-
                        ish of lyssan, which
                        instead of Donrea-
                        he and Rosemenary
                        is held as glebe.

Oliver Mather, Clerk  To Tawlaught O Croyly           
1 balliboe called
                                 containing 18
balliboes         Killegulbe lying in 
                       Tawlaught O Croyly

                                 To Killelaughy
containing     1/2 of Gortenure ly-
                                  8 1/2 balliboes     
              ing in Killalaughy

Thomas Tonne,         To Magheragh containing     2
balliboes, viz. Bal-
 Clerk                        32 2/3 balliboes        
         linehone lying in the
                      parish of  Magheragh
                     and Ballinepecketra in
                     in the parish of Taw-
                     laught O Croyly.

                                To Ballineskullin
contain-     1/2 a balliboe called 
                                ing 10 balliboes.     
           Monestahane lying in
                    the parish of Taw-                
                   laught O Croyly     

I may find more tidbits to send at a later date.