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[4qd-bannvalley] Letter from Paul Canning and others to Bishop of Derry [c. 1665]

185.  Paul Canning and others to bishop of Derry, [c.

[Ellis MS 121]

To the right reverend father in God, George, lord
bishop of Derry

The humble petition of Paul Can'ing, Esq. and other
the protestant inhabitants of the parish of Arrigill.

Humbly showeth unto your lordship that whereas the
parish church of Arrigill standeth near unto the
mountains, very remote and far distant from the body
and centre of the said parish, so that it is very
inconvenient for the protestant parishioners to
convene and assemble themselves to hear divine service
and preaching of the word of God at that church, in
regard there are no protestant inhabitants within
(very near) a mile unto it, nor any accomodation for
them;  and whereas it hath been formerly granted to
several parishes within your lordship's diocese at the
beginning of the plantation in this county to build
their churches in most convenient places, as for
instance Faughanvale at the Moigh, Camus at Macosquin,
Taulatfinleggan at Ballikelly, Balliscullin at
Balliaghy, Drumcose to Newtowne; may it therefore
please your lordship to grant unto your petitioners
your lordship's gracious licence to erect and build a
church at the market town of Garvaghy, being the most
fit and commodious place within the said parish for
the people to assemble at and where there may be
accommodation both for themselves and their horses
between morning ad evening service.  The granting of
which humble request to your petitioners will (in
probablility) be a great encouragement to the people
of the said parish of Arrigill to frequent the church
the more and prove a means of their furthere
conformity; for which and your lordship's health and
prosperity your petitioners shall ever pray.
          John Chambers [his initials], Dennis Stevens
[his mark], James Challmers, Andrew Poorly [his mark],
[? Carell] McCotter, P. Can'ning, Robert Montgomerye,
rector ibide', Robert Solesby [his initials], Hugh
Smith, John Woodrow, Alexander Donell, Tirlogh
McAllester [his mark].

Endorsed: remember to move his grace the lord primate
in this business when we come to Dublin.