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[4qd-bannvalley] McAtamney's

Pauline --

Simply don't know.  I haven't been able to find out anything about
mine, beyond fact that Mary McKay/McKie (b. ca. 1832) married my
great-grandfather, Bernard Kane/O'Kane (b. ca. 1828, probably Co.
Derry), seemingly about 1851 or so, very probably in Co. Derry (no
marriage record yet found).  Family tradition has her parents as
Dominak (sic, but more likely Dominick, like my grandfather)
McKay/McKie and Mary McGee, no further info (no record found in
Griffith's or other contemporaneous records).  Bernard's family
(father: Neilly, et al) were living in Gorteade townland (between
Tamlacht O'Crilly and Upperland, about 5 miles SW of Kilrea along
what is now Drumgarner/Kilrea Rd, B75) at least back to the 1830's
(and probably well before).  He and Mary were living there when their
first (known) child, Neill/Nial, was born circa Sept. 1852 (baptized
17 Sep 1852, Maghera RC parish).

Hope this is of some help.  Be sure to write if you have any possible

Tim Kane

At 08:02 AM 4/28/2006 +1000, you wrote:

>Hi Tim
>I'm trying to sort out all the McKays from Kilrea, Lislea &
>around the area.  Are yours connected there?
>Pauline O'Keeffe
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> >   Peggy --
> >
> >   Saw your post regarding O'Kane-McAtamney.
> >
> >   My Bernard and Mary (nee: McKay) Kane/O'Kane family
> >   is from Gorteade, just a short distance from
> >   Garvagh.  Direct relations left circa 1861-64 to
> >   England, then US, but others remained.  Perhaps some
> >   connection.
> >
> >   Tim Kane
> >   Seattle