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[4qd-bannvalley] 1718 migration project

I have been working on a new website, funded and organized by the
Ulster-Scots Agency, on the first organized migration of the Ulster
Scots people from the Bann valley to New Hampshire; in 1718. My
section of the site gave me a chance to point out the importance to
the Scots-Irish/ Ulster-Scots of kinship links, and also to make a
plea for more attention to be paid to the people who stayed behind in
Ulster. Most emigration history deals with the people who left; not
so much attention is paid to the traumas of loss suffered by
generation after generation in Ulster; not just losing family
members, but also neighbours, folk who sat beside them in church....
There's quite a bit of material on the site at www.1718migration.
org.uk  though not many actual records. We hope it will make the
story better known and suggest ways that families can reconnect to
help heal wounds that N.I. society doesn't even recognize that it

Have a look and tell me what you think, and also let me know if you
have any thoughts about where a project like this can go hereafter;
the website may well be only the beginning. How can we add to its


Linde Lunney