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[4qd-bannvalley] 1718 migration project

Hello Linde.

Although I have no 1718 ancestors and very few connections to the Eastern Seaboard of New
England, what has so far been set up for the 1718 migration project looks to be of
benefit to a wider scope. Good luck with the work to come.

I am new to the list and in the future I hope to make some progress researching the
family of my maternal grandmother. A Reid Family group of 12 adults and 8 children
arrived in New Zealand on 3 ships during 1874 and 1875. Two birthed in Dunedin (1874) and
the last at Bluff in 1875. This family originally settled in the south of New Zealand,
but many of the subsequent generations have moved through out the whole of the country. I
guess that this family of mine fall into the stayed at home group for a part of the time
and this too is interesting from the 1718 migration.

Regards Greg in New Zealand