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[4qd-bannvalley] 1718 migration project

Hi Linde
This website looks very interesting. Great project. As I continue
my search for my Ulster ancestors I continue to be surprised at
where they turn up. In some cases whole families or chains of
families went to the same place but other families sent one to
every destination. For example I have recently located the
inquest into the tragic death of James Kilpatrick son of Joseph
Kilpatrick & Eliza Jane Sloan in 1908 in Queensland Australia.
His brother Joseph gave a statement which includes - my
parents are both dead. I have one brother in New Zealand and
one in America and another brother living in Londonderry & one
in another county in Ireland, I hardly remember which. I have
one sister living in the County of Londonderry.-
 So as well as these two who came to Australia there were very
few left at home.
 If anyone has connections to these families I'd love to know.
Best wishes
Pauline O'Keeffe
Queensland Australia