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[4qd-bannvalley] 1718 migration project

Hi Brian,

The name change McIlfatrick to Kilpatrick is maybe not so radical as it 
might appear.
In the Irish language, and in Scottish gaelic, the "p" sound can be mutated 
for grammatical purposes to the "f" sound which is normally written "ph". 
Also remember that the name owners may not themselves have been responsible 
for the change - it could have been due to a census enumerator or other 
government official.

It all makes for more interesting genealogy!


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> Hi Diane
> I have McIlfatricks from Crossland nr Kilrea who in late 1840's went to 
> Maybole, Scotland (as McIlfatricks), changed their name to Kilpatrick and 
> then migrated to Melbourne, Australia (as Kilpatrick's) twenty years 
> later.
> Brian in Melbourne