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[4qd-bannvalley] McCann to New Brunswick? and Rainey - Dromane

Hi Tom - I'm from Auckland NZ but trace a great grandfather to Drumane,
Alexander Rainey (married a Rebecca Jane Boyd) and buried at 1st
Presbyterian close to the Fairy Thorn. I think his father was also Alexander
and married to a Griffith. If you come on any of those names as you explore
that townland or find you are related! - let's know.  Des Rainey

From 4qd-bannvalley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Mon Jul 17 22:37:55 2006
From: 4qd-bannvalley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Steven Smyrl)
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 22:37:55 +0100
Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] Smyrl / Smirl (sic)
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Hello Bobby,

Gosh, thank you for all that data you have sent me. I have recently been
looking over the results of research work I did over 20 years ago on all
branches of the Smyrl (sic) family. I have worked as a professional
genealogists now for almost 20 years (in Dublin) but in all that time I have
hardly done any research on my own surname! I suppose when one's hobby
becomes one's living then perhaps some interest is lost? Anyhow, recently
I've had various people contact me by e-mail asking me what I can tell them
about their Smyrl ancestors. One chap proved to be quite closely related t
me! Quite a bit of what you sent me I know I already have, although I know
that I didn't have any of the material you sent me from Hazlett estate
papers or the Flax list data. However, seeing the data as you presented it
is rather like seeing something for the very first time. Samuel, William &
James (although common enough names in the 19th century) are names used over
and over again in my Smyrl family. This was just not the case in the Kilrea
Smyrls - they tended to use Paul and George very often. The Smyrl family
(which stemmed from the Kilrea folk) out at nearby Tamlaght O'Crilly used
Archibald an awful lot. Mind you, it makes me think too that my memory tells
me that George was used often too by the Dunboe folk. However, it hits me
that of course Dunboe must be from where my Samuel Smyrl was from. I'd even
like to think that the Samuel Smirrell (sic) from the 1796 Flax List and
paying rent to the Hezlett estate in 1799 might just be him. Are there any
other rent rolls for the Hezlett estate after 1799?

I'll have a look through my old papers now and see if I can find what I have
noted about the Smyrls of Dunboe and see if I can send you any information.



P.S. Where abouts are you based, Ireland or North America?