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[4qd-bannvalley] Estate records for Rasharkin parish


Does anyone know, who were the landlords for Rasharkin parish?
whether this was a London Companies holding?  and whether estate
records, including tenant &/or rental lists, have survived?

Regards to all,

Alison Causton
Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

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From: 4qd-bannvalley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Alison Causton)
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Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] Making the research leap to Scotland
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On 22-Jul-06, at 1:26 PM, Robert Forrest wrote:

> Hi Alison,
> I have an interest in 17th century Plantation in North Derry. Sir
> Thomas Phillips was responsible for building the newtown of
> Limavady c. 1610 and brought 25 English families to the region.
> Many are named in his 1631 Muster roll. However, no specific region
> of England can be identified although Phillips himself was from
> Hammersmith in England.
> Another important character in the early plantation was Sir Robert
> McClelland from Kirkcudbright in Scotland and he took control of
> both the Haberdashers & Clothworkers' estates. ...

Good point, and all very interesting, too, Bobby.  I see you also did
some research Scotland-side.

I believe it was the Drapers who were the landlords at Kilrea ... ?
Not sure, though, what these records might turn up.